Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's do this in chronological order.

Yesterday's anti-procrastination project was to get rid of the batteries that were sitting in the kitchen.

You see, one day I needed to change some batteries. I left the old batteries on the half-wall in the kitchen to be disposed of later. Little did I know that used batteries attract other used batteries. Yesterday, I decided to do something about it. No, I didn't drop them off for disposal. I did find a shoebox and put it in the front hall closet for storage of the batteries until I take them in.

Also, remember how I didn't need to take the toilet paper holder off the wall to fix it? About that .... Yup, today I had to take the toilet paper holder off the wall to fix it.

This morning, one of my colleagues from the big telecom company was online, so I asked him to wish our mutual friend happy birthday. He asked if I was going to come in. I decided to go in, so I baked mini-cheesecakes and headed in for coffee. Somehow, 20 minutes for coffee turned into an hour and a half. It was good to see the guys again.

I also got in touch with the doctor about my biopsy. The results? Benign. Nothing to worry about. (Yay!)

I had Sparks tonight. Our big activity was to make edible campfires. We started with raisins (for a circle of rocks around our campfire). Next we used hickory sticks as kindling, then pretzels as sticks, then cheezies as logs, and finally a red gumdrop as fire. The girls loved it, in part because they got to eat their campfire afterwards.

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