Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well, I'm gradually getting back into a normal schedule.

I'm very proud that I remembered to go to Sparks on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I actually made it back to the gym. (I really, really did not want to go - but not for any particular reason).

I also had my interview on Wednesday. I didn't feel very focused, so I'm not really expecting much. We'll see, I guess.

I've been a little discouraged about the whole job situation. I hope something comes along soon.

Part of the problem is that the gym schedules all changed this week. Yes, I know that's weird. The thing is that a bunch of my classes have changed times. That means I need to figure out a new schedule - and if I'm going to figure out a new schedule, I'd rather not do it twice, since my schedule will change when I eventually get a job.

I'm working through it, but it's frustrating.

Part of the problem probably is that I've been busy this week, and thus I'm more tired than I'd like to be. I'm still jet lagged, too. And my niece insisted that I leave her puppy there, so I don't have a puppy to snuggle with.

I think I need to re-start my anti-procrastination project. There's still stuff that needs doing around here, and I'm definitely not doing it otherwise.


  1. Dont worry...although it is wierd all these changes in time of classes but it gives you another choices:enjoy it in your way..
    I still follow your anti procrastination project..
    Bon courage

  2. Thanks! Being discouraged is a normal part of job hunting - but knowing that doesn't make it go away. :) I will definitely continue the anti-procrastination project, it is very effective.