Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the winner is ...

Today I played myself in Scrabble. The me on the right won with 234 points. The me on the left was a close runner up with 231 points.

It was hard - I am pretty sure one of the mes went twice in a row a couple of times. Also, since my inclination is to make words around 4 letters long, it got difficult to place letters near the end.


  1. This was a new thing for me awhile back but I have never played myself.

  2. I'm a reasonably intelligent and wordy kind of gal [literature degree]...but I've never played Scrabble. I think it's a travesty. Hopefully I will get it as an xmas gift this year.

  3. I'm an only child, so I played myself in games all the time when I was growing up!