Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And ... that's what I did for the rest of the day

Today I added (and played) hangman on igoogle. It is very addictive. I was surprised that the longer words were easier, but it actually makes sense (because you have a better chance of guessing correctly, so you have fewer letters to waste).

I also whined about the time change, but that's not new. I find it easier to adjust to 5 or 6 hours than to one hour. Maybe I should spend the next time change in Europe.


  1. I was oddly "jetlagged" as well on the day following the time change. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me...

  2. I didn't realize the time changed in Canada, too

  3. Yup, most of Canada changes (and we changed to synchronize with the U.S. when the U.S. changed weeks a couple of years ago). However, I grew up in Saskatchewan, and it does not change to daylight savings time ... which just means that all the shows on the cable TV channels change time instead.