Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Milk mustache

Chocolate milk is a good food to have after working out - something about the combination of carbs & protein is good for muscle recovery.

Yesterday I drank the last of the milk. Instead of buying more, I was lazy and made chocolate milk out of powdered milk, water, and chocolate syrup.

Next time I'll just buy more milk. I do go to the gym in a grocery store. Like I said, lazy.


  1. I've never had powdered milk. I used to get freaked out by the long-life milk that we had @ my previous office. Like, it was liquid and everything and was meant to taste like regular 2% milk [and we had half/half, too]...but it didn't need to be refrigerated...freaked me out...

    I have a very amusing image of you working out in the grocery store...

  2. Sad Colette. So very sad. Sigh.

  3. I love chocolate Milk. Love Love Love!

  4. You know Colette, it might have been easier for you to buy the chocolate milk than to make it!