Sunday, October 12, 2008


My sister has been taking flamenco dance classes for a couple of years. Today I joined her in going to a flamenco show. There were 2 dancers, 2 singers, and a guitar player (all from Spain, I believe).

They did 6 songs over 2 hours. Both dancers dance to the first and last song. The male dancer did 2 solo songs, and the female dancer did 2 solo songs.

It was OK. My sister really liked it, but it was not my favourite thing.

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  1. I can tell you that flamenco is definitely not my favourite-est thing. Our previous landlords were very into it and he specifically was a dancer. They got so into it that they sold our house [resulting in us getting kicked out and having to live in our current crappy apartment of hate] so that they could create a Flamenco Festival here in Toronto.

    I've been to one flamenco show and I didn't really "get it" - I don't get any dance...also, this was stompy.