Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow day?

It doesn't usually snow in Ottawa until after Halloween. However, it snowed last night.

It was typical for the first snow - accidents were more common than usual, and a lot of my colleagues worked from home.

I went in to work and went out for lunch with some of my co-workers from a few years ago. (Well, those who weren't "too busy".) Anyway, we went to Graffiti's. I had one of the lunch combos - a salad, sandwich, and dessert for $12. It was worth braving the snow for.


  1. It used to always snow before Halloween in my hometown. Snowpants/snowsuit were an essential part of many-a Halloween costume!

  2. Yes, I grew up in Saskatchewan and it often snowed before Halloween there (or it was cold enough that you needed to wear snowpants anyway). But here it's usually a lot warmer.