Thursday, October 2, 2008

Empty hangers

Usually I dispose of clothing I no longer need by dropping it off in one of the bins various charities have around the city, or by bringing it to my mom's place & letting my various relatives pick through it (thus making it someone else's problem).

Today I had two full garbage bags of clothes to dispose of, so I dropped them off at a thrift store. Hopefully they will be useful for someone else


  1. I'm pretty sure that they would offer this service in your area, so I will suggest it...

    I give all of my clothes [and other stuff - household items, etc.] to the Diabetes Association. They then sell the clothes to thrift shops and that's how they make money. They come right to your house and pick it up so it's very convenient.

  2. You read my mind, sydney! I was also going to suggest this - especially since it allows you, Colette, to make your clothes someone else's problem.

  3. Apparently you both mistake me for someone who plans ahead. :) Actually, that is a good idea. I have a bunch of household stuff to get rid of, I should get them to come pick it up. (It's not as much in the way as the clothes were.)