Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little things

Today was errand day. This included getting the car washed. Once a year I go to a full service car wash. For $25 they clean the car mats, vacuum the inside of the car, put the car through a car wash, and clean the dash and the inside of the windows. Totally worth it, especially when you consider that if I used my glass cleaning skills on the windshield I'd drive into a tree.

Anyway, so on the way back from getting the car washed, I saw an odd steeple in the distance and randomly drove around until I could identify it as a Ukrainian Othodox cathedral.

After that, the errands continued and I went to the grocery store. However, the entrance was blocked due to an accident, so I parked at the back of the grocery store & walked around to the front. That worked well on the way in. Let's just say that I should have taken a cart on the way back. However, all was well in the end.
Also: Grub update for those who are interested.
The clover is growing. Also, the parts of the lawn where the nemotodes were applied are no longer being dug up by animals, so it looks like the nemotodes are doing their job.


  1. maybe we should get nemetodes at our office. everyday there are holes all over our flowerbeds thanks to squirrels and chipmunks! :(

  2. ... or are nemetodes only for the creepy crawly sort of critters?

  3. They are specifically to eat the white grubs, which means that once the grubs are gone there's nothing for the other animals to dig up. Squirrels and chipmunks probably have other reasons to dig. :(