Wednesday, June 18, 2008


When I was a kid, some of my sisters (who I will not name, because I can't remember which ones) used to like peanut butter and cheez whiz sandwiches.

I was always too sensible/chicken to try them, but today I ate an almond butter and cheez whiz sandwich. (I much prefer almond butter to peanut butter, but the principle is the same.)

It actually was much better than I expected.


  1. That looks unpleasant and seems like it might be unpleasant to eat. However...I could be very wrong. I used to eat mustard and peanut butter so I can't say much.

    PS - I also loathe banana flavouring, but not bananas...

  2. sounds pretty gross to me! (of course, i hate cheez whiz...)

  3. yikes...that doesn't sound too tasty!