Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday B

Nine years ago, there was a little girl who had no interest in being born.  She was having a good time where she was.

(Her mom, on the other hand, was more than ready for her to get her act together.)

Her favourite auntie just wanted to take a shower. I was exhausted - I'd had a busy week, topped off with a flight across the country - and we'd been too rushed that morning for me to wash my hair.

I'd barely gotten my hair wet when she decided to stop messing around.  It was a quick shower.

Many hours later, there she was.

As often happens, she grew.

And grew.

And grew.

She learned how to read, and ride a bike, and send text messages telling me I'm not her favourite auntie (even though I'm pretty sure I am*).

She made friends, and is quite the social butterfly.


She likes science (but not math ... at least not all of the time) and doesn't like being tricked into doing Brownie badges.

She likes Brownies, though.

B in a box

And boxes.  Hmm, there's an idea for a birthday gift ... where can I get a box?

Happy birthday, B!

* And now we'll see if she knows how to comment on a blog


  1. That video almost made me cry for some reason.

  2. I miss my box terribly. and no you are not my favorite auntie[auntie wanda is]