Friday, March 1, 2013

Stupid Winter Wonderland

It snowed on Wednesday.

Not just a little snow, either - there was quite a large amount. Complicating the situation was that:
a) it came down pretty solidly all afternoon, and
b) it was just above freezing, which made the snow heavy.

When I left work, it was raining (from the 9th floor), but when I got to the ground, it was snow.

I had physio (hand issue) after work, and I was a few minutes late. When I was done, I got myself out of the snowbank I'd parked in and went home.

When I got home, my driveway hadn't been plowed, but I thought, "Hey, I can make it in anyway."

I was wrong. I got stuck.

So stuck that rocking back and forth didn't work.

I started work on getting the car out. While I was doing that, Wanda came home and started to help.  No luck.

One of the neighbours came over and helped.  Still no luck.

Eventually, we threw some salt under the front tires and took a break. 

About an hour later, we went out and tried again.  A different neighbour came over to help, and then another.  We shoveled and put carpets under the tires and shoveled.

It took about another hour to get the car out.

Once it was out, Wanda drove it over to the neighbour's (whose driveway was already clear) and parked it there.  I left it there until morning.

And then the snowplow came by and I had to shovel the end of the neighbour's driveway. Sigh.

That house used to have a bottom as well as a top

From the front step

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