Monday, March 25, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter

My dishwasher is broken. It's the latch, which is really irritating, and I doubt it will be fixed by Easter since, well, I've done nothing about it.

I don't really mind doing dishes, but I will have to get it fixed at some point.

I also need to clean my house, which is a disaster. You see, I have been very slowly working on a rag quilt, which is in pieces all over my living room. Not really conducive to having company for Easter.

The next step is to start sewing the squares together. I considered doing rows, but changed my mind - I am now going to sew four small squares into a bigger square, since that will be more flexible if I need to add more squares once I know how big it turns out to be.

Man, this would make more sense with pictures.

Anyway, I have a plan for the quilt, but let's be realistic - it's not going to happen by Sunday.

Maybe I should turn Easter dinner into a quilting bee.


  1. We're also expecting a dozen guests on Saturday, and my house is a shambles, and yet all I can do is surf the web and bake cookies. Priorities! Can't wait to see the finished quilt :).

  2. There is nothing I'm better at than surfing the Internet when I have things I should be doing. Like now, for example.