Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haven't seen the weird guy in tights yet

I believe I've mentioned before how dissatisfied I was with Solo Mobile. This fall I did my research and decided to go with Koodo.

The last weekend in October, I went to the Koodo kiosk in Bayshore and picked out a phone. I chose the $15/month plan, plus the $10 add-on for voicemail, caller ID, and unlimited texts. The total bill (with tax) is in the $28 range - which is $3/month less than I was paying with Solo, where I did not have voicemail, caller ID, or unlimited texts. Also, there are no long distance charges within Canada - this isn't a big deal for me as I don't make a lot of long distance calls on my cell phone, but it's a nice extra. The Koodo rep transferred my phone number and moved my contacts from my old phone to my new one.

The phone cost $100, which is on my Koodo tab. With Koodo, you aren't locked in to a contact, so they have the tab concept. Every month, 10% of your bill (in my case, $2.50) comes off your tab. If you want to change providers, you have to pay the rest of the tab. Also, if you recommend Koodo to someone and they switch, you both get $25 off your tab, so, um, let me know if you're thinking about switching.

It was a totally painless switch (except when I locked my phone and couldn't figure out how to unlock it), and so far there have been no surprises. My bill is what I expect, the phone works everywhere I need it to, and I'm a happy customer.

(As a note, if you travel to the U.S. a lot, their rates are really high. I don't, so it's not an issue for me.)

Solo did the prorated bill thing in November as expected, but then sent me an e-mail in December saying that since I cancelled my service as of November 28, they'd be charging a pro-rated fee in December. Sigh.

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