Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to the gym

The week before Christmas, I planned to go to the gym on Monday. My flight was on Wednesday, so I knew I'd miss my classes at the end of the week, but Monday was totally doable.

Except ... I was starting to get a cold, and I had a lot of stuff to get done before I left, and it was the week before Christmas. I didn't go.

The next week, of course, I was out of town. No gym visits that week.

When I got back, I totally intended to start back at the gym right away.

But ... the first day back was the New Year's Day stat. No point in going then, the schedule'd be all messed up.

The next day, January exhaustion set in. I didn't have the energy to go.

Wednesday I was still really tired. I didn't go.

I had physio Thursday morning and my ankle was hurting. Clearly I needed to rest it.

Friday ... well, I could have gone Friday, but I'd already missed the whole week ....

Saturday was the first boxing class of the session.

I went back to the gym today.

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