Thursday, January 26, 2012

More babbling about the gym

I finally got back to the gym.

My typical schedule is BodyPump (i.e. strength training) on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays I don't go to the gym. Wednesdays is boxing - or, when I procrastinate enough that I have to box on Saturdays, I either do a spin class or do my own thing on the bikes. Friday I either do Zumba or an abs class - although so far in 2012, this is only theoretical.

My Monday and Thursday classes haven't changed in two years - until now. This session, my Monday class is unchanged, but my Thursday class has moved from an hour to 45 minutes, and they've added a new CRX class afterwards (for another 30 minutes). Many of the people in my pump class stay for CRX. Last week, I stayed as well.

CRX is an ab/core workout. It's only half an hour - if you can use the word "only" in reference to a 30 minute ab class.

The first week, I had trouble following the instructor, so this week I moved up to the front of the class. It was definitely easier to follow - not such much easier to do, but easier to follow.

The surprising thing about this class is that there's no stretches afterwards. I guess that in theory you're supposed to stretch on your own.

(In practice, I forget about it long before I reach the shower.)

I haven't decided whether I'll continue with this one. I'll probably give it at least one more week before deciding.


  1. You have succeeded in making me ache just thinking about it!

  2. Sometimes I'm surprised that I'm the same person who only passed gym in grade 10 by gettign points for showing up.