Sunday, January 15, 2012

Does anyone remember the unseasonably warm December we had? The one where everyone was wondering whether we'd have a white Christmas?

I miss that.

I mean, I'm glad we have snow now, but we've hit the part of the winter where it's cold. I'm taking the Sparks to camp next weekend, and our camp planning contained a lot of "... and if it's too cold, we'll just do that inside". We'll still spend time outside, but it'll be active time - no sitting around the campfire.

The snow has also made it clear that I should have done more trimming of the bushes and trees around the house. The snow makes the branches bow down and block the sidewalk. On Friday, I took the clippers outside and lopped some of them off.

That's right, I'm gardening in winter.

I hardly recognize myself.


  1. Seriously, you are CAMPING in this weather? Camping itself is nuts. Camping in winter is BANANAS. May the force be with you!