Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I got home today to find an e-mail asking if I was interested in a job interview - for a job I applied for last August.

I was not expecting that.

They wanted to interview me this week, but my schedule is pretty crazy this week - I work 8-4:30, and it's Spark camp this weekend. Next week I'm on the mid-shift, so I asked if they could interview me then.

I guess I'll see what they say.

This company is located on the same street as my previous job in Kanata. I like the location, but it's quite the hike from my current job.

I do like my current job - although I'd like more of a challenge - but my contract is over half over, so I need to be open to other possibilities.

[Edited to add: The interview is tomorrow at 5:30. ]


  1. That's interesting that they would contact you now. Good luck with interview.

  2. I was going to say "good luck," but I think by the date on this post that the interview was actually yesterday?? Anyway, hope it went awesome.