Sunday, June 20, 2010


Things I accomplished this weekend:
  1. Buying a new washing machine
  2. Buying mulch & distributing it around the yard
  3. Cleaning off the table and the end table. (OK, they're not 100% clean, but they're better than they were.)
  4. Dropping off some Sparks-related stuff
  5. Fixing the napkin holder I broke at Thanksgiving
  6. Cooking two meals today (lunch for the week & chicken salad for the evenings).
  7. Cleaning off the lid to my hamper. (The lid sits behind the hamper 'cause I'm lazy, and it gets dusty).
  8. Getting the oil changed in the car.
  9. Cleaning out the shower drain. (Gross, yet satisfying.)
  10. Made ice tea. OK, I do this often - I pretty much live on it in the summer - but my previous box of lemon tea was empty, so I opened my new box of Lemon Thriller tea. Man, I love that tea. I don't know why it is so much better than other lemon tea, but it is.
  11. Pulled the cushions off the chair in the living room and vacuumed the chair.
Things I did not accomplish:
  1. Pulling weeds out of the flower gardens.
  2. Writing a post using sentences and paragraphs.

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