Sunday, June 13, 2010

Four things

Ways I have injured myself in the last month:
1) Walking into a fire hydrant.
Result: bruise on my thigh the size of an apple.
2) Skipping at boxing.
Result: Not able to skip (or wear shoes without arch supports) for 3 weeks.
3) Unknown. (Probably running into the weight rack at the gym.)
Result: Bruise on my arm the size of a grape.
4) Burning my arm on the oven door.
Result: 3-inch long burn

Things I have need to have fixed/replaced in the last month:
1) Laptop computer ('cause I dropped a glass on the screen)
2) Desktop computer (destroyed by Windows update & a marginal hard drive)
3) Washing machine
4) The border around the flower garden

Good things from the last month:
1) Summer (!)
2) Job interview
3) The fact that I can have things fixed/replaced without having to worry too much about paying the bills
4) The tiny baby bunny that hangs out in my yard

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