Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why are weekends so much busier than weekdays?

Today was another busy day.

Remember how yesterday I talked about how much shredding I wanted to get done this week? Well, I finished it all today. It was made easier by the fact that I brought the downstairs shredder upstairs - it's not as finicky about whether the pages are exactly straight and it handles a few more pages than the other one. I have three paper grocery bags of shredded paper ready to go on Friday.

Also, I mentioned that I was supposed to be making some Christmas presents but hadn't started yet. I'm making aprons for my niece and my cousin's two kids. Today I started and got one of the three done. I'll post pictures when they're all done.

As if that wasn't enough, I finally patched the hole by my thermostat. Two years ago, I got a new furnace (with a new thermostat). Naturally, the new thermostat was smaller than the old one, and there was a screw hole visible. I patched and sanded it today. I was going to paint it as well, but I didn't have much paint left, and it has dried up. I'll probably leave it - if a hole in the wall didn't bother me for two years, I doubt a small unpainted piece will bother me.

Finally, I made rolled sandwiches for a Christmas party I'm going to tomorrow night.

(I also carried out a top-secret, Christmas-related errand today, but I can't tell you about it because it involves someone who reads this blog. If it turns out like I hope it will, I will fill you all in after Christmas. )


  1. Wow! You really got a lot done.

    I wish I could say the same. I'm feeling quite frazzled looking at my list of things to do, knowing that I have commitments four nights this week.

  2. I can understand that - normally that's about where I am this time of year, but since I'm not working, my weeknights are less busy (since I usually go to the gym during the day). Of course, this week, I'm busy Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings. I'm lucky that I don't have many intensive plans for the next two weekends.

  3. Christmas is the one time of year when it can be a complete bonus to be unemployed. I'm missing it this year, even though I'm not working everyday.

    My shredding piles up so quickly. Joseph take it to work to shred, but we forget constantly since mornings are so rushed for us...he could end up bringing in a big black garbage bag this time!

  4. I'm still job hunting, etc., but having a little more flexibility time-wise id definitely useful this time of year.

    Shredding does pile up quickly - which is how I ended up with a big pile. And once you have a big pile, it's a nuisance to deal with.