Sunday, December 20, 2009

My weekend

Yesterday was my annual Christmas chocolate making extravaganza. This year, I made both milk chocolate and dark chocolate - heavy on the dark chocolate. Some are filled with truffle - plain, or with chopped macadamia nuts or almonds in it. Some have whole almonds in them.

I also made 1/2 a batch of shortbread.

Today I made 1/2 a batch of chocolate shortbread (which sound good, but I'm not terribly impressed with it) and a 1/3 batch of schnecken.

I also made three polar fleece hats for the kids.

I think I'm beginning to figure out what happened to my weekend.

Did I need to make any of this? No, I did not. But I like baking, and I like eating chocolate, and it wasn't like I was super busy this weekend.

Also, I had planned to give some to my house sitter when she came by today - her grandmother is quite sick and not expected to last long.

She hasn't been by yet.

This has been a recurring problem over the last week. I understand that this is a difficult time for her (and I've offered to find someone else), but she says she can house sit. She just hasn't followed through by coming by to familiarize herself with the alarm system.

This is actually a big problem, because my insurance states that I must have someone check the house every day in the winter or I'm not covered if the furnace quits. If she hasn't been able to come by once in the last week, what are the odds that she'll come by every day when I'm not here?

I think I'm going to have to fire my house sitter.

Like I said, I understand why she's flaky right now, but frankly I can't financially afford to be without insurance.

Anyway, back to the anti-procrastination project. Yesterday and today I worked on the furnace room, and it looks much better. It could still use some work, but I'm happy with the state it's in now.

It turns out that working on something every day makes a big difference.

How many times have I learned that in the last two years?


  1. Hey Colette, Check your fire insurance wordings, if your alarm is monitored for low temperature there might be a stipulation in there that would mean someone DOESN'T have to come in every day in winter. Here in Sask (with the 4 companies we use) if your alarm is monitored for low temperature you don't need to have someone come in every day.

  2. That seems like quite a stress - having to get someone to come by daily! I would constantly be worried that something would be happening while I was away. Also, quite a stress to have to possibly fire someone while they are in a difficult situation.

    I started my xmas baking this weekend, too. Now that I'm familiar with baking, I'm enjoying it much more. I just hope I have the time to do what I want.

  3. Michelle,
    I don't believe my alarm is monitored for temperature at all.

    It's not usually a big deal - I find someone who can do it and it all goes smoothly. Not this year, unfortunately.

    I talked with her today - her grandmother passed away yesterday, and she agrees she can't handle it right now. Now I just need to find someone else...