Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Busy Day

Today was a busy day. I started the day by running a couple of errands, then I went to the gym. Every day I get an e-mail with the new job postings around Ottawa, and by the time I got home from the gym, it was in my mailbox. I went through the new postings (and applied to one of them) and started preparations for my interview tomorrow.

When I needed a break, I finished off the third apron.
This evening, Wanda and I went and got both flu shots (the season and the H1N1). I've had the flu twice this year, which is two times too many. My right arm (which is where I got the seasonal flu shot) hurts but the other one doesn't. I suspect that will change tomorrow.

And, this evening I addressed all of my Christmas cards. I definitely won't get them mailed tomorrow - that will be another crazy day - but hopefully they will make it into the mail this weekend.


  1. Very nice aprons. I especially like the offset stripes on the purple one.

  2. I love aprons with pockets! When I was little my mum had one with side pockets - felt very natural...but I can't find one like it. I really want a frilly/1950s style apron.

    I've heard that the H1N1 vaccine makes your arm hurt for days. I haven't gotten any shots yet - I'm not sure if I will. I'm pretty lazy and I never get sick.

  3. Kathy, thanks! The purple one is for the oldest girl. I debated whether the animal print is too childish, but decided that if you can't wear something like that when you're five, there is something wrong.

    Sydney, I have an apron that has a pocket and I love it. (In fact, one time when I thought I lost my cell phone, that's where I found it.)

    The H1N1 shot does make my arm hurt (and there's a big, sore lump on it), but I've had a similar reaction to other shots (including the flu shot in past years, although this year it doesn't bother me). I figured it made sense to get it before getting on a plane - I often get sick after plane travel.