Saturday, December 12, 2009

Belly dancing

This afternoon, I continued organizing the material I have lying around. I made a lot of progress, but it's not done yet.

Tonight the Olympic torch arrived in Ottawa. There was a big ceremony of some sort on Parliament Hill.

I know that because Wanda and I got downtown as it was ending. There was a stage set up in front of the Parliament buildings, and someone was singing. Everyone was walking around with candles with red plastic cups over them. There were portable booths from Royal Bank and Coke. We even saw a walking bear on the street. (I'm a little confused as to why someone was dressed up as a bear, but someone was.)

We weren't there for the torch - we were downtown because we were going to a belly dance show.

Wanda has been dancing for seven years, and she is doing a couple of workshops this weekend. The instructor was part of this show, and I agreed to go with her.

I've been to a belly dance show before, but it has been a while.

I enjoyed it. The first dancers were definitely the worst of the night, but the quality improved quickly. There were a couple of groups of dancers, as well as several individual dancers. There was even a hoop dancer.

The second last song was "Santa Baby", and it consisted of a dancer dressed as Santa who danced and pulled other performers (and Santas - I'm not sure why there were suddenly a dozen Santas around) up on stage. It was cute.

Unfortunately, it was followed by the finale, which consisted of all of the performers and Santas on stage moving to the music. That went on far too long, especially since we had just seen the same thing.

Overall, though, it was an enjoyable show.


  1. Have you ever tried belly dancing? It's quite trendy here, which is why I've never gone for it...also, my hips do not move like Shakira!

  2. Yes, I did a couple of classes a few years ago. I enjoyed it, but then it somehow stopped fitting into my schedule, so I quit. It's not something I'm terribly talented at, but it was fun.