Friday, July 10, 2009

This is really sad

So Iwent to the gym today. I didn't have a lot of time before class, so I changed, locked my locker, and headed off to get set up. I was doing a weight lifting class, and I ended up being a bit of a distance from anyone else.

In this class, everyone gets a step, which is used as a bench for chest presses and triceps. You also need a mat, a bar, and various weights for the bar. Since everyone has a step, the area behind the step becomes your own personal area for the class.

Half way through the warm-up track, a woman came in. She set her gym bag just to my right, and proceeded to get her weights. She then set up her bench about a foot to the right of my bench. There was about a foot to the right of her bench before another bench, as well (we'll call the person at that bench C). After all of this, she took off her flip flops and started to put on her shoes and socks.

There was a large space to my left, but I had no intention of moving over because 1) I was there first, and 2) if I moved over, the pole about 5 feet in front of me would block my view of the instructor. I hate to admit it, but #1 had more to do with it than #2. (She didn't ask me to move over, but I'm guessing she thought I would if she squeezed herself in.)

Anyway, the warm-up track finished and the next track (squats) started. This woman then picked up her bar, walked behind C, and stood in an empty space there for the squat track.

The next track was the chest track (on the bench), so she spent that track at her bench. After that was back/hamstrings - and she was back in the spot she'd used for squats. Triceps? Back at the bench. Biceps? Over in the other spot. By the lunge track, she had picked up her bench and moved over to the other spot (but left her mat behind).

I do not get it. Was she just unusually restless? Did she want to carry her weights an extra 20 feet every track so that she got that extra workout? Was she upset that I didn't move over for her?

Anyway, after class I went back to my locker.

As you may recall from yesterday, I was using my boxing lock. I bought it and my other (lost) lock at the same time, and they are identical except for the combination. In fact, the combinations are pretty close as well. After I packed up my bag, I went to put my lock in my bag ... and my lock is black.

I was looking at the right style of lock yesterday, but the wrong colour. I tried the plain, silver locks, not the black ones.

Unfortunately, I was at a different gym today, so I couldn't check the lost & found again, but guess what I'm doing on Monday?

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  1. Look at you having all that action beside you. I was completely oblivious to the random moving woman. I imagine that would be rather distracting.