Saturday, July 4, 2009

So, 400 years is old here?

This weekend I'm in Quebec City. We left on Thursday night, and stopped for the night once we got past Montreal. The hotel we stayed at was quite nice.

Friday morning we got up, went for breakfast, then resumed our trek.

We got to the hotel in Quebec City around 1:30. (It's not that it's that far, we just didn't finish breakfast until 11).

We checked in, then headed out to Old Quebec. It's about a 15 minute walk from our hotel.

If you haven't been to Quebec City before, here's a primer - it's all uphill. Anyway, we walked to Old Quebec, then started wandering around. We did some shopping/browsing, and had a small lunch. We wandered through the alley of artists.

Eventually, we ended up at the Chateau Frontenac (as you do).

By this point, we were tired, so we headed back to the hotel (via the scenic route). We grabbed some food, then relaxed for the evening.

This morning, we got up, ate our breakfast (which was included in our room rate), then headed back to Old Quebec. We split up for a few hours. I went down to lowertown and wandered through the shops (buying nothing except a beverage). After that, I climbed back up the stairs and went for lunch. Eventually, it was time for all of us to meet up again.

Just as we met, it started raining. We went in to the Chateau Frontenac, and made a reservation for a tour. Our tour time was about an hour away, so we stopped for some food. The tour was interesting, but not as good as it could have been. For one thing, our tour guide was in character as someone who was there when the hotel opened, and she spent a lot of time tittering.
It was still raining after the tour, but we went back to Lowertown. We grabbed a snack, went to Place Royal, and then got a cab back to the hotel.

And ... that's the trip. Tomorrow is just the drive home.


  1. Wow, your camera makes it look like we never got rained on!

  2. I love old Quebec...even though it's not *that* old, you're right. I was once forcibly removed from Chateau Frontenac and then also shoved to the ground by one of Celine Dion's bodyguards. It's a wild place. I hope to visit soon [Joseph has never been], but Montreal is closer by we just keep going there.

  3. Connie, I took most of the pictures when it wasn't raining. Most of Saturday was relatively dry.

    Sydney, I love Old Quebec too. It is old for North America, and I'm sure I would have been more interested in the history if I hadn't just gotten back from my trip to the Mediterranean.

    It's really not that far - it's about the same distance from here as Toronto is - and yet I haven't been there since 1995.