Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My new hobby

Back in April, I made an appointment with my doctor for a checkup. She doesn't schedule that many per day, so my appointment was actually two days before I left for the cruise.

After I made the appointment (but before the actual appointment), my left eye started twitching. That was - odd. I resolved to mention it at the appointment.

While I was there, I also mentioned that one of my sisters had thyroid cancer, and thus my doctor spent a lot of time checking my thyroid.

I left with a requisition for a blood test and a thyroid ultrasound. I had the blood test done the day before I left on the cruise.

I went on the cruise, and came back to find out my doctor had called while I was away.

This, by the way, is never good news.

My bloodwork was low in a couple of things, but nothing that would explain the twitching. I started taking additional vitamins, recording all twitches, and went for the thyroid ultrasound.

Three days later, another call from my doctor. I have a 3 c.m. growth on my thyroid - they're scheduling a biopsy.

I went back for the followup last week. The eye twitches are happening on average 29 times a day. This is well outside the realm of normal - more specialists are in my future.

Keep in mind that except for the the twitching and an occasional ache in my neck, I feel perfectly fine - and the twitching is far less annoying now that I'm not recording all of them.

This week, I have no medical appointments. Yay!

So, to celebrate, I stubbed my toe this afternoon. I'm pretty sure it's broken.

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? (I refuse to go to Emergency - I can't begin to imagine what the wait time would be for a critical issue like "I stubbed my toe".)


  1. Poor you! When it rains it pours.

    I'm pretty sure even if you have a broken toe, all they do is tape it.

  2. Oooh that sucks! My sympathies Colette!

    -Jen R.

  3. Yes, I decided to skip the doctor today - the toe is taped to the toe next to it, and it doesn't hurt unless I hit it on something.