Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess what?

My Easter sunday started with a long distance phone call at 8:15. It was my niece. ("Guess what the Easter bunny brought me?") Sadly for everyone else in her house, it was 6:15 there. She was a little excited.

After that, I got up to cook the traditional Easter croissants (to go with fruit salad for breakfast). When I lived with my parents, that was what we had on Easter morning, and I continued the tradition after I moved here. A couple of years ago I went back for Easter ('cause I was unemployed and had time to spare), and ... they were surprised about the croissants. They don't do that anymore.

After last year's fiasco, we had gone to the Easter vigil on Saturday night, so there was no church on the Sunday, so it was a lazy day.

In the afternoon, I made a banana cream pie. Sadly, there was so much food that we didn't actually eat it. I should have some now.

Generally, it was a lazy day and a very relaxing weekend.


  1. Yummy! Glad you had a good wknd.

  2. Making croissants seems it?