Thursday, January 22, 2009

This week

This has been a frustrating week.

Monday I got home from the gym, and grabbed my gym bag & purse out of the back seat. My cell phone fell out of my purse, and I made a comment about how I never would have looked in the back seat of the car. I then picked up my cell phone and turned it off on the way into the house.

Tuesday morning I got up & left the house for an eye appointment. It took ages to get there due to increased traffic because of the bus strike that will not end. I reached for my cell phone, and it was not there.

I came home after my appointment, and it wasn't on the walk or the driveway.

I have cleaned the front hall, the coffee table, and my bedroom dresser. I found a necklace that I lost 2 years ago, but no cell phone. I have moved almost every piece of furniture on the main floor. I've gone through my gym bag & purse. I've moved the snow on top of the snow banks outside. Where is my cell phone?

Also, have I mentioned the bus strike? I am so sick of it ... and it's just a mild inconvenience for me. For some people, it means they're trapped in their houses.

So in other words, nothing new happening here, just much annoyance.


  1. Hope you are able to find your cell phone. I misplaced mine yesterday and began to freak out. I found it in the backseat.

  2. I've never really lost my phone, but there's been many times when I can't feel it when I'm digging through my purse. I get a momentary feeling of panic, even though I know it's in there.

  3. Oh man! Losing your cell phone is the worst! I hope you find it super soon.

  4. Have you tried calling your own mobile? That's what I would do...and track it down that way.

    I've been following the transit strike in your fair city. It must suck so large - I really feel for anyone affected by it.