Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before I got to work today...

This isn't new, but I feel like ranting.

  1. The temperature was -25C when I woke up, and -26C when I finished breakfast.
  2. The internet didn't work (for a stupid reason), which made me try to fix it so I could read my e-mail while eating breakfast instead of ... actually eating breakfast.
  3. There wasn't a lot of snow, but the snow from yesterday had drifted, so I had to walk through snow well over my boots to clean off the car. (OK, the other option would have been to shovel the snow, but let's be realistic.)
  4. The inside windows of my car were completely fogged up. I waited 20 minutes (after cleaning off the outside), then gave up and scraped them.
  5. I got to drive behind a tractor for about 10 minutes on the way to work (and I was much later than I wanted to be due to items 2 & 4).

So how is your day going?


  1. So this has changed from a 'New thing a day' blog to a 'Sometimes I will post a new thing and at other times I will just rant' blog:)

  2. I wouldn't complain too much if I were you. It has been between -44 and -47 with a windchill the last two mornings and it hasn't been warming up too much over the course of the day. Be thankful for what you have!!

  3. Connie,
    That's right. Last year I had to make my rants fit in with a new thing. Now I can just rant. :)

    You have to remember that I'm now a wimpy Ottawa citizen. This is cold!

  4. 1. So now you're a wimpy you not remember the days of -40 without the windchill and -50 with the windchil (or 2200 whatevers) in Sask?

    Suck it up buttercup! and I mean that in the nicest way possible :)

    3. Buy bigger boots :)

    4. Do you still have any Nortel stock? You could've burned it to defrost your windows! You'd need matches though, maybe you'd have to sell all your Nortel stock to fund your matchbook purchase?

    Anonymous #2