Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Believe it or not

Today I filled up my tires at an air pump I had to pay for. Apparently, it has been a while since I last had to fill up a tire. It was not as painful as I expected, considering that it is the middle of winter.

Also, on Sunday I went into the Sassy Bead Company. I had walked by it many times, but never actually gone in. They were not busy, and were very helpful - or tried to be, although I was not really there for any particular reason.


  1. Some of the gas stations around here charge for air and some don't. Of course, I always try to go to the free ones :-)

  2. Didn't you go to the Sassy Bead Company in the Glebe last Fall?

  3. Connie, that is probably true, but this is the first time I went to the one right by my house. I have no idea why I don't usually go anywhere within walking distance, but that appears to be the case.