Thursday, September 11, 2008

My sister tells me this is a pathetic new thing

I got a dozen cobs of corn at the corn roast on Saturday. Today I cooked some of them, and I made a pyramid of corn.

I remarked on how I'd never done that before, and my sister told me that it was a pathetic new thing. As a result, I had to use it as my new thing. (She promises to leave a snarky comment.)
(My actual new thing happened at work. There is a door that divides up the floor I work on. It gets locked separately as the other side of the door is a different zone for the security system. Today I checked the security panel to see if the door was unlocked instead of just unlocking it.)


  1. Wow! You made a pyramid of cord? That's amazing! I am impressed. I seriously hope my sarcasm is coming across. I still think the real new thing is taking a picture of you pyramid of corn. I am pretty sure you've never done that before. You never mentioned the work one yesterday. If you had, I may not have mocked you so much for the corn.
    From your favourite sister, even though she mocks you.

  2. I'm trying really hard, but I don't thing I've made a pyramid of corn either.

    I usually leave it in the cooking pot and let everyone use tongs to remove it. It stays hot longer that way