Saturday, September 6, 2008


The community association in my area does 3 events a year. The fall event is a corn roast. If I'm around, I usually help out in the kitchen. Basically, it's the perfect job for me - I boss around all of the high school students getting their volunteer hours & make sure everything gets done ... without doing much actual work myself.

Today was corn roast day. It rained all morning, let up in the afternoon, and then rained again just as the corn roast started. Luckily, it stopped after about 45 minutes and people started showing up.

This year, however, I did something new. We had borrowed some of those napkin dispensers (like you find in fast food restaurants), so I filled a napkin dispenser. Yes, I have had a deprived life.

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  1. Yep Colette that does sound like you!!! (The whole bossing people around in the kitchen without doing too much actual work yourself part.) lol....But at least it made me laugh :-)