Monday, March 10, 2008

Seriously, can the snow stop?

Back in December, I signed up (and installed) for skype. Today I worked from home this morning (because my car had sunk into the snow of the driveway & I was too lazy to shovel it out), so I used skype to instant message a co-worker.

Note: a lot of new thing a day-ers have had new things involving snow lately.

Here's what it looked like here yesterday:

Left: My sister shovelling from the house to the driveway

Centre: From the driveway back towards the house

Right: The back yard

My street is down to one lane. (In the summer, you can have cars parked on both sides & still have room to pass a car driving in the opposite direction).

Rumour has it we get more snow this week.

1 comment:

  1. Could you please send some of that snow this way. There is no snow here and it is very dry. The dugouts are all very low. We have been having some beautiful spring weather and the girls have been riding their bikes. However they missed out this winter and were never able to go sledding as there wasn't enough snow. While I would not look forward to the return of winter if we do not have some runoff a lot of people are going to be suffering from the lack of moisture. KK in Assiniboia, SK.