Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Really, really sick of the snow

I would love to stop shovelling snow any time now, but unfortunately we're still getting snow in amounts big enough that I have to shovel. In particular, today was one of the worst days we've had. There was a lot of snow, and it also rained overnight, so the snow was really packed. It took about a half an hour for me to shovel the front walk, clean off the car, dig through the mound of snow left by the plow, and get the car unstuck from the driveway (since it got stuck while I shovelled through the snow plow mound).

As a result, by the time I got to work my socks were soaked. So today I took of my socks to dry them, and wore shoes without socks all day. I've obviously worn sandals without socks before, but I think this is the first time for regular shoes.

And when I got home, the trouble light was still flashing on the alarm panel (as it had been when I left this morning), so I called my alarm company for service.

(Really, the rest of the day was fine.)

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  1. Snow in Toronto is seriously annoying and looks super gross [grey, mushy and crusty - at the same time]. Apparently if we get hit with enough snow during our next storm we will break the record for most snow ever recorded!