Thursday, March 20, 2008

A new thing on the internet? Must be Thursday.

Today I tried Apple Safari.  I tried to give you a link to it, but it went very, very crazy.  (It's easy to do in internet explorer, but safari has a mind of it's own.)

It's less intuitive than I expected.  Adding a new tab is possible, but there's no button for it on the page (that I found).  It does have pre-loaded links to things like Google Maps, Yahoo,  Wikipedia, and YouTube.  And, for some reason, when I type this in Safari (although I can't add a link), it tells me when I spell something wrong instead of me having to remember to check.  (I usually only remember when I use the word "broccoli" in a post, because I know I can't spell it.  In fact, I spelled it wrong explaining that - but it was easy to fix.)

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