Saturday, May 12, 2012


Every spring and fall, there are camp clean-up days for the local Girl Guide camp.  I try to go if I can.

Today was one of those days.  I had to be there at 8:30 (In the morning, On a Saturday.),  so I got up and got ready.  When I got there, I was assigned to a site.

(The camp has 15 or so sites within it, so a bunch of groups can be up there at once.)

On our site, we had five things to do:
  1. Chop up felled trees and stack the logs in the woodshed.
  2. Fix the drain on the outdoor sink.
  3. Find and uncover the grey-water disposal pit.
  4. Fix the front steps to the building.
  5. Fix the back steps to the building.
  6. Fix the railing on the bridge to the next site.
Hmm, that's six things.  OK, we had six things to do.

We started with #6.

That task involved the following:
  • Tear down the current railing.
  • Pull out the nails from the old boards.
  • Cut 20 new posts.
  • Put notches in 20 new posts (4 got one notch, 16 got 2).
  • Attach 20 new posts.
  • Brace 20 new posts.
  • Add top rails.
  • Add lower rails.
 It took ... I'm not sure exactly because no one had a watch and cell phones don't work there, but I'd say it was about 5.5 hours.

About 5 hours in, I made a mistake.  I was sitting on the edge of the bridge, leaning out to attach a brace. I had the cordless drill (being used as a screwdriver) in my left hand and was holding the board with my right (dominant) hand.

The drill slipped.

I lost half the fingernail on my middle finger, and prompted a discussion about where the nearest first aid kit was.

It's nothing serious - just an annoyance - but it makes it tricky to type or drive. On the way home, I kept accidentally turning on the windshield wipers with the top of the gauze on my finger. It also prompted a stop at a drug store for those bandages that go over the tip of your finger, and for more gauze as I have already exhausted the entire supply in the house.

(I currently have gauze wrapped around the finger and taped down. I'm hoping to move to the bandages by Monday, when I have to type for work.)

But it's amusing to say "the drill slipped" when someone asks what happened to my finger.

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