Thursday, May 24, 2012

I miss Tuesday garbage day

These days, Thursdays mean work, boxing, then house cleaning. It's the perfect day to do it, since garbage day is Friday.

Today was no different. I went to work, hung around an extra 45 minutes, then went to boxing. (You know it's hot when the coaches bring super soakers. We all looked like lobsters by the end. It's been 2 hours and my face is still red.)

After that, I came home, ate, and then took the garbage out.

Then I came back in the house, consulted the calendar to find out whether it's blue box or black box week, and discovered garbage day has been moved to Saturday.


I went back outside and brought the garbage cans (one can for garbage, one for yard waste, and the green bin) back to the house.

Friday is far too long after Monday for me to remember that last weekend was the long weekend.

The part that puzzles me is that they're clearly moving garbage day so that they don't have to pay the garbage collectors for working on the stat. holiday, but ... then they have to work on Saturday.  It must be cheaper to have them do that then to make them work the stat. - it's certainly not better for the workers.

I should ask my city councillor. I bet he'll be at the community anniversary celebration on Saturday.

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  1. I have often wondered this myself - perhaps they must give the holiday off by law, but then can ask them to work the Saturday? I hope they get paid a LOT of money for giving up their Saturday - hope they get paid a lot in general. I can't imagine what this city would look like given a garbage strike.