Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And that will be $0

Many years ago, I bought some Tupperware containers.  I had six of one type and four of the other, and I use them to bring my lunch to work.

Before Christmas, I noticed that some of the lids were peeling, so I e-mailed Tupperware and explained I wanted to exchange them.  They put me in touch with one of their reps, so I e-mailed her and explained the situation.

She replied and asked me to call her.

I hate calling people - particularly people who work out of their home - but I called her. She told me she was going to order the replacements and they would be about 10 days - which would have been the last week in December.

I followed up in January.

And February.

And then I started asking around to find another rep.

A friend recommended one, so I e-mailed her (... and she asked me to call her) and eventually I met up with her and dumped what had turned into 5 dishes & lids in her lap.

That was about 2 weeks ago.

Today, she dropped by my workplace and gave me replacements.  Yay! (Somehow, she gave me 6 replacements, so I need to get on that.)

While this whole saga was going on, my laptop cord died.  That would have been back in January, because I bought a replacement - 3 year warranty - on January 16.

It died yesterday. I had visions of having to send it off to get a replacement and not being able to use the laptop for weeks. (That would mean no internet AND no Kobo ... unless I walked downstairs or used Wanda's laptop, which clearly would be too much to ask.)

I've started putting the receipt into the packaging when I bring something home so that I only have one thing to find, so today I hunted down the package and read the warranty information. It said, "Bring it back to the retailer", so off I went.  Ten minutes later, I had a replacement power cord.

It was a productive day. And my laptop is fully charged again.

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  1. Along the same line: Early this morning I filled out a survey for our last hotel stay which was at a beautiful facility with many amenities but also very thin walls. I said I would not recommend the place. Within an hour I had received an email from the hotel manager saying they were crediting my credit card with one night's stay. I was very impressed.