Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday? Must be boxing

I've talked about my love for my boxing class before.

Here's how it works.

It's actually boxing training. There are 12 stations (and a maximum of 12 people in the class) - 4 heavy bag, 4 skipping, 2 shadow boxing, and 2 speed bag. In a typical class, you do a warm up, then rotate through the stations, then do a punch out at the end (which is groups taking turns on the heavy bag). Some classes are exceptions where we do crazy things like 24 stations instead of 12, but that's usually how it works. There's no sparring in the class, which is good - I have a feeling getting hit would hurt.

The classes run on an 8 week cycle. There are 5 cycles (i.e. rounds) per year, along with a summer training round (which is a little different). This week was week 8.

Today during our warm up, I noticed one of my classmates hitting the heavy bag, so I decided to try it and I hit the heavy bag without gloves on. I hit it really lightly, and it still wasn't something I'd recommend. It turns out that foam padding is actually pretty good at protecting the hands.

Anyway, the local Don Cherrys gives free nachos to WBK students during week 8, so after class I went for nachos with some of my classmates. We also met up with some people from the class before us. It was a good time. Our mutual love of boxing definitely dominated the conversation.

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