Sunday, October 13, 2013

The car is fine (but my brain is broken)

The old car had keyless entry, but at some point over the past 13 years, the remote had broken off the keyring, so I carried it separately.

Here's how every trip in the new car has gone:
  1. Walk towards car, use key fob to unlock the vehicle.
  2. Open the back and put bags, etc. inside, keeping keys in hand.
  3. Reach into pocket to get the key fob to unlock the door.
  4. Remember the key fob is in my hand, and the door is already unlocked.
  5. Get into driver's seat.
  6. Drive to desination.
  7. Turn off lights.
  8. Remember the car has automatic lights, and turn them back to "auto" position.
  9. Reach down to pop the trunk.
  10. Remember there is no trunk.
  11. Wonder what side the gas tank is on. Decide to check immediately upon getting out of the car.
  12. Get out of car.
  13. Use the key fob to lock the car.
  14. Go to the back to get bag out. 
  15. Realize it's locked. 
  16. Unlock the car.
  17. Get bag.
  18. Lock the car.
 I can't wait until I need to get gas, because I still have no idea where the gas tank is.

1 comment:

  1. Hee! So funny - old habits really do die hard.

    Most cards have a little arrow in the fuel gage that tells you what side the gas door is on. It'll say something like "fuel door" and a little arrow left or right. After owning our van for 7 years, I still have to look for it every single time.