Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I just got a call from an unknown number.  Usually, I let those go to voicemail, but today I actually answered.

I was just about to hang up when an automated voice told me that a credit card company wanted me to answer a 3 minute survey about my recent call to them.

The thing is, I didn't call them.  I don't even have a credit card with them.  They were calling about Wanda's recent call.

Since it was automated, my choices were:
- yell at Wanda and hope she picked up before it asked me a question, or
- hang up.

I chose the second option.

I guess most people have cell phones these days, so they're the only one who answers the phone?

Either that, or they don't actually want feedback.

And now, since someone asked, here are pictures of my new hair cut / colour. It was crazier in person - it has calmed down a bit. But it still looks purple in the work bathroom.


  1. LOVE the new hair. It's fabulously cool and bold! Good for you!

  2. The Aug 11 picture is reminiscent of my color. I gave my hair a couple of months to grow out to see if I liked the gray underneath. I don't so I'm back to my hairdresser on Wednesday to get my red on.