Monday, February 13, 2012

The New Job

I started my new job today.

Well, actually, I started my new job last week as a contractor, but I didn't become a regular employee until today.

I still sit in the same desk and work for the same manager, but the name on my paycheck is different.

I was a little concerned that they'd cancel my contractor's badge over the weekend and I wouldn't be able to get in today, but that didn't happen. (I still have it, as a matter of fact. I assume I'll get a new one this week.)

My contract was supposed to be up on January 30, but it was extended while they did a background check (as my now-current job wasn't official until the background check was complete). The background check took two full weeks.

(I didn't really expect they'd find anything, but at the same time, the new job wasn't a sure thing until it was done.)

I'm in a slightly different role - one that involves being opinionated and telling people what to do, which are some of my main skills - and I have lots of ideas for how to develop this role.

And I can stop preparing for my contract to end every 2 months.


  1. Congratulation Colette, I'm happy for you! Does this mean you get stat holidays off and vacation time?

  2. Thanks, Kathy!

    Connie, I will get vacation time and some stats off - I still have to work some.

  3. Good to hear! I imagine it will be very nice to have vacation time again.