Monday, February 20, 2012

More baby quilts

When I first started making baby quilts, it was a big deal. I only made them for people I was especially close to.

Now, I'll make them for anyone. I've gotten much faster (or possibly, less concerned with perfection).

Here are some of my more recent ones:

Now that I look at this one, it's pretty clear that the bottom diagonal square is 90 degrees off. Oops.

My first rainbow quilt - a.k.a. a good way to get rid of lots of scraps. (Don't tell anyone, but the green checked fabric is an old tea-towel. The pink backing is left over from some pajamas I made my niece.)

A mixed-up rainbow quilt. This one is more square. The orange patterned fabric is leftover from my kitchen curtains, and the navy and white checked fabric is from an old dress of my grandmother's.

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