Monday, February 27, 2012

I Don't Know My Own Strength

In January, I went to tie my cross-trainers for boxing and one of the holes the laces were threaded through ripped.

These weren't old or cheap shoes - they're 6-month-old Nikes that I only wear once a week - so I was not impressed. I considered taking them back or complaining to the company, but I'm in a really good mood after boxing and never got there.

On Saturday, I went to tie my new Sorel boots (bought in January) on the way to boxing and the loop the lace was threaded through ripped.

Now, I don't recall becoming a superhero, so I don't think this is expected behaviour.

On the way home from work today, I stopped at The Shoe Company (which is where I bought the boots six weeks ago) to see what they could do for me.

They replaced the boots with ones that were supposed to be the same ones, but which are actually a little different. The stitching is different, the fur at the top of the boots are different, ... and the loops the laces thread through are now nylon, not leather.

The old ones are prettier, but I can tie the new ones, so I'll take it.

If it keeps snowing, I'll need them.

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