Friday, January 14, 2011

Watch out for the giant sinkhole!

The big news in Ottawa today is the water main break that shut down one of the major roads. Specifically, one that I take to work. And live beside.

Wanda came home this morning and said, "I had to turn early because Woodroffe is closed. I don't know what's going on.".

I turned to twitter - as one does in these situations - to find out there was a water main break. It turns out that caused a giant sinkhole. (I assume that wasn't known until the City of Ottawa truck drove into it.) I resolved to leave for work early.

I got distracted.

When I realized I was late, I rushed around and got ready. That was successful - I left for work a whole minute earlier than usual.

After all of that, traffic was lighter than usual. I got to work in plenty of time.


  1. Do you still have water at your house? I remember when the watermain broke in front of my apartment we didn't have water for a few days - not fun at all.

  2. Yes, it hasn't affected the water here at all - the problem must be after the neighbourhood's water line branches off.