Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I don't understand people who make New Year's resolutions of the "go to the gym every day" or "quit doing X" variety.

You see, I spend the first week or two of the year just trying to stay awake. All I want to do is sit on the couch and watch DVDs.

That's why I was so annoyed with myself when I remembered that I booked the Sparks sleepover for the Friday after New Year's.

Luckily, we had planned the schedule and menu back in December, but I still had to buy the groceries and pack.

After procrastinating all week, I managed to pull it together on Thursday night.

We all had a good time, and since the sleepover was over at ten on Saturday, I still had most of the weekend left. (Of course, I took a nap for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, but that was more because of the aforementioned beginning of the year exhaustion than the sleepover.)

This week I'm a little more awake. I'm starting to adjust to my normal schedule - making it to work on time, going to the gym, boxing. I even watered the plants today for the first time all year. (There's no Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants, is there? If there is, I'm in trouble.)

I'm giving myself one more week and then I'm going to start some of the projects that are waiting for attention.


  1. I'm having trouble getting motivated, too. Something about cold, dark, snowy weather...

  2. I LOVE this idea of the reverse resolution. Cocoon for the first two weeks of January, then slowly get back into it. Brilliant!

  3. Kathy, I think that's a big part of it. It's cold, it's dark, most of the pretty Christmas lights are gone ... sleep does seem like the best option.

    Lynn, it works for me ... not so much because of a plan, but more because it's hard to do new things (or give up crutches) when you're asleep.