Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleeping problems

I mentioned earlier that pretty much all I want to do in January is sleep. The interesting thing is that ... I'm not doing it very well.

I wear a night guard at night - it's a piece of plastic that fits over my upper teeth so that I don't grind my teeth in my sleep. I'm a little weird about it - for example, I can only have it in my mouth if I'm lying down. If I sit up, it has to come out of my mouth immediately. (My dentist laughs at me for it.)

Usually, it's not a problem. This month, I've woken up twice in the middle of the night with no night guard to be found. There's nothing more fun then tearing the bed apart in the middle of the night to find a piece of plastic.

And the dreams? I've had some odd dreams. I mean, dreams are always kind of strange, but I don't know where my head has been at. I can't really remember much about them, but I've woken up more than once wondering what on earth that was about.

How many days left until February?


  1. I've also been having weird dreams this January. Do you think it's the cold?

  2. That's very strange that your mouth guard would come out of your mouth without you knowing about it. Do you think it's related to your strange dreams?

  3. Lynn, I don't know whether it's the cold or the dark, but it's very strange. One of my coworkers says she's having strange dreams too. (Last night, my dream involved my Sparks, a grain elevator, and the queen mum.)

    Kathy, that's my guess - but of course there's no way to know for sure.

  4. Sleep deprivation may contribute to adult nightmares, which themselves often cause people to lose additional sleep. Though it's possible, it has not been confirmed whether this cycle could lead to nightmare disorder.