Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas Wrap-Up

I went back to Saskatchewan for Christmas. There were gifts . . . .
I repainted my mom's bathroom cabinet. (My niece helped.)

Two of my sisters bought new netbooks (which I configured).

I hung out with family . . . .
And the dog. (I'm her favourite auntie - but even I can't take her goose away from her.)

And, of course, games (some of which we remembered the rules to).

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.


  1. Hey, who said you could post pictures of me? Bella and the dog already miss you, Bella said she had to wipe away Kasey's tears yesterday :(

  2. was that Fluxx?? it looks like Fluxx.

    Jen R.

  3. Wow. Good eye, Jennifer. Yes, that is Fluxx (Family Fluxx, specifically) - Wanda bought it in Montreal for her $10 gift. Now she wants other varieties. :)

  4. My favorite is Martian Fluxx.

    Jen R.