Saturday, May 22, 2010

All I wanted to do was plant some flowers

When I bought this house, there was a flower garden to the left of the walkway as you're walking to the front door. (You can see a picture of it in the glow-in-the-dark area of this post.)

It's not in line with the edge of the lawn on the other side of the walkway. In fact, it sticks out 4-6 inches. The border is made out of wood.

Well, actually, that should read "the border was made out of wood".

You see, wood rots and if, for example, you back your car into the protruding flower garden, the rotten wood breaks off.

Hypothetically, that is.

Anyway, that was two weeks ago. It was raining (of course), so I ignored it until it was sunny - and then last week I was busy with the rally, so today was the day.

My plan was to move the edge of the flower bed in while I was putting a new border on. I pulled out the rotten wood - the piece that fell off was built on top of another piece, so I had to pull them both out. When I got the second one out, I discovered that the driveway was paved to the edge of the flower bed. Moving the flower bed wasn't an option.

I toyed with a couple of options (buying replacement boards, building a proper retaining wall, etc.) but ended up just going with lawn edging for a couple of reasons:
1) The boards were attached using rebar, and I can't remove it
2) It's cheap
3) At some point, I'm going to build a garage (well, not by myself - I'll pay someone to do it). At that point, the driveway will have to be re-done, so I'll have the flower garden moved at that point

It's not done - I need another piece of edging and Home Depot is closed - but I'll be able to get it finished tomorrow if the weather is nice. If that happens, I'll finally be able to plant the flowers that are sitting in the middle of my driveway.


  1. It's not a real project unless you have to make at least two trips to the hardware store :-)

  2. I believe it took me 4 trips - although I only made purchases twice. :)